Tiramisu web Wallet

Cryptocurrency wallet and exchange for the Taproot Assets Protocol . Mint, buy, sell, hold or transact Altcoins and NFTs on layer 2 of the Bitcoin blockchain. You can also use Tiramisu wallet to test your own TAPD node. Buy assets listed on our exchange or mint your own and share them on social media.

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Our Mission

User friendly Exchange / Wallet for Taproot Assets Protocol

Taproot Assets Protocol is an on-chain protocol that allows for the minting of alternative currencies, stablecoins and collectibles/NFT to be recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain. Taproot Assets protocol leverages Schnorr signatures and Merkle trees to represent digital assets and it relies both on Bitcoin base layer and well as L2 lightning layer.

Tiramisu Wallet gives users a web interface to interract with Taproot Assets Protocol Deamon (tapd) running on Bitcoin testnet without the need for you to operate a Lightning node.

Status of Tiramisu Wallet

Tiramisu Wallet is still in Alpha

Tiramisu Wallet is based on TAP deamon. Tapd is still an experimental software with bugs often causing loss of all funds and the need to nuke the wallet database. The wallet software itself is also in Alpha.

This wallet is on mainnet now and the funds being transacted represent no real-life value.


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